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pisica_habibi wrote in planet_korea
The Government of the Republic of Korea does not recognize dual citizenship.  Men must choose a single nationality by March 31 of the year they turn 18 years old, and women by the age of 21.  If men do not select a nationality by that date, the Korean government will consider them to have chosen Korean nationality, and they will be obligated to serve duty in the Korean military.  Conversely, women who do not choose a nationality by age 21 will be considered to have lost their Korean nationality.

Um....I get why the men don't lose their citizenship, given the mandatory military enlistement.  Gotta get the soldier body count high.  But for women?  I don't get it.  Explaination, plz. 

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that's... interesting

technically my family have a dual citizenship because we haven't bothered to inform the Korean government that we took up citizenship overseas.... apparently a lot of people do that because it's too much of a hassle XD

HA sweet. I can see why though. Why bother changing when you can have the best of both worlds (er countries)?

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