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Bomun Station - Seoul Best Toliet
pisica_habibi wrote in planet_korea

I'm so proud of my station. 

Even funnier, the bathrooms aren't all that special.  They are just normal bathrooms.  They've always had soap and tp when I've been there, but nothing fancy.  The wall leading into the mens' room and the womens' room has flowers painted on it - maybe that's why it's one of Seoul's Best Bathrooms?  I hope it's not because they always have tp and soap, since that should be standard (at least, you HOPE it is, but at the same time, know it isn't). 

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there are these all over many different subway stations in Seoul.. maybe it is judged monthly?

Maybe...this is the first one I've noticed, and thought it was funny, especially since there is nothing particularly special about the bathroom. Then again, the award is from 2003.

maybe they actually use soap to clean the toilets, instead of the standard bucket of grey colored water, haha

Oh ew, now I'll have that image in mymind when I go there!

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