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6 Reasons North Korea is the Funniest Evil Dictatorship Ever
pisica_habibi wrote in planet_korea
One of North Korea's hobbies is kidnapping South Koreans. Another hobby is not letting people leave North Korea. We think now might be a good time to get North Korea into knitting.


North Korea is like that sticky kid who won't stop touching South Korea in pre-school, so the landmines are pretty much the only thing standing between South Korea and South Korea not being much fun anymore.

So, pretend that you're North Korea: an aggressive state with a million landmine restraining order against you, but you really, really want to get back with South Korea. You've already ruled out the comically large slingshot. So you decide to tunnel underneath the DMZ.

But then you get caught. Plus, they find a banner in the tunnel that says "Down with American Imperialists," so you can't blame it on crab people.

Do you:
A) Deny everything, or
B) Own up to it, laugh in an unsettling way and say that the next time, you're coming back with your spider cannon?

If you picked either of the above, it's probably because your brain doesn't suffer from horrible malnutrition. But you're North Korea, so the answer is:

C) Claim that the tunnel was a coal mine. A coal mine that happened to have a banner in it. 

Bonus! The link includes some clips from a North Korean Godzilla movie.

Considering North Korea is still *Korea* this seemed appropriate.  

Since thinking about the situation with North Korea with make your head explode, it's either that, or laugh at them.  Korea on a whole is pretty strange, but when it's rule by a short, megalomanic with a short temper? Oh boy.

What they need are more 꽃미남 in their country.  That brightens everyones' day!

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i nearly shat myself whilst reading this.

I nearly broke a rib from trying not to laugh.

Well...SOMEONE has to be the most wtf country in the world. Fitting that it's North Korea.

I'm so amused right now, but...
...Holllly shit. I think if I saw that outside my bedroom at night...I'd die. Or I'd wish I was dead.

Same here! Scary little critter, ain't he?

Aw, but the glitter scarf was free!

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