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Teaching the English
pisica_habibi wrote in planet_korea

I've never seen veggies that happy to be fried

Yeah. Made by Koreans for Koreans.  It made me sick. 

Rain!  (At the concert she's yelling, "Oppa, I love you!!" Oppa is "older brother", for girls, and what girls call their boyfriends)

Englishy Camp-uh! 

I love I got to teach the phrase "The monkeys are fighting." Very appropriate! (I had a student who wanted to be called "Silly Monkey", and wouldn't answer his Korean or English name...unfortunately, he wasn't in the class that used this book).

When you are sick, you get a shot in the bum.  (The kid is yelling "I hate shots!")

Brainwashing students to love their foreign teacher (and foreign women, muhaha! I LOVED teaching this unit!)

I just love the last panel.  ㅋㅋㅋ is the Korean for "hehehe"

The vaccuum cleaner's ALIVE! 

Drat, now the pretty foreign teacher has to compete with Lee Hyori (a popular singer).  The boy is saying "Nuna, please give me your autograph" ("nuna" is "older sister" to boys)

At least she didn't say they'll turn her skin orange. 


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there's not much tact in the second one.
But the eighth one is WIN.

the second one pretty much sums up Korea's mindset -_-;;;

But...the monkeys are fighting!

IDK but I love comic!Hyori ♥

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