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Kickin' It In Geumchon
pisica_habibi wrote in planet_korea

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what a bunch of meatheads

but it was pretty well-done

It's better than the "A e love you" or whatever it's called, that they did (content-wise).

But then, we're snobs about foreigners in Korea. Let's just admit it.

LOL seriously what the hellllll -.-
I just had to LOL at the "Kamsahamnida and Annyeonghaseyo" part.
But other than that... I wonder if they did it to mock the S. KOreans orrrr nooot?

I suspect they aren't.
I know, I laughed at the same thing.

It came out around the time the "Tell Me" song was popular and driving foreigners nuts...maybe they made this in response to it?? lol

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