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A community devoted to bizarre Korean things

Welcome to Planet Korea

bizarro outtakes from kimchiland

This is a community devoted to all strange, unexpected, and altogether humorous things and stories from Korea. I didn't think it was fair for Korea to not have its own "wtf" community if Japan did (you know, unfair in the Dokdo sort of way), so I felt like balancing it out. Feel free to share any silly images, experiences, and commentary regarding "Planet Korea" provided they remain within the limits of some rules:

01. Though it pokes fun at Korea, this is not a cesspool for groundless griping and moaning about Korea. You can go to Dave'sESLCafe for that.
02. That being said, please do not make any blatantly racist posts bashing Koreans. We'd like to kindly respect that we have our differences, even if those differences might be...completely unconventional to you.
03. Please post behemoth images behind a cut, and it would be nice if you used tags as well. Also, let's all act like grown-ups when commenting and refrain from flaming. It is, after all, only the internet.

Please direct all complaints, affiliate requests, and delicious gochujang to the maintainer's journal: yuseo.